▼Keynote speech by Prof. Takara, dean of GSAIS (Shishu-Kan)


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[Aug 24, 2018] A student workshop on future leaders was held at Higashiicho-Kan by students from Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) and Kyoto University. Five Students from GSAIS (Shishu-Kan) exchanged their ideas on four topics (see the following) with ten students from T.U. who are supported by the Tang, Zhongying Program, with help by three professors from GSAIS (Shishu-Kan).
Prof. Kaoru Takara, dean of GSAIS (Shishu-Kan), gave a keynote speech on global challenges, sustainability and future leadership, especially from the point of view of natural disasters. He also helped the discussion on Life Environment.
Prof. Liang Zhao organized this workshop. He also gave some introduction to K.U., GSAIS (Shishu-Kan) and the AFLSP program, as well as helps in group discussions.
Prof. Shutaro Takeda also joined the workshop and helped the discussion on Technology Innovation based on his rich experience on both academic and social/field research.
Students from GSAIS (Shishu-Kan) were Eri Tsuruha, Satsuki Shioyama, Deng Ke, Ayaka Watanabe, and Fedor Myasoedov.