Kyoto University, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS/Shishukan)

A Seminar in Applied Buddhist Philosophy


Curriculum & Classes

GSAIS/Shishukan’s graduate curriculum is a 5-year seamless Master+PhD program that, on the basis of one specific discipline (for this Research Group, Humanities/Philosophy), integrate interdisciplinary studies (an eightfold course called Hasshi), international internship (Mushashugyou) and project-based research (PBR).

  1. The foundational classes in humanities for our Research Group are:
    • [At Liberal Arts and General Education Courses (in Japanese)]
      • H139001 The Kyoto School: Tradition and Potentialities (Part on Buddhist studies) (by Marc-Henri Deroche)
    • [At GSAIS/Shishukan]
      • 2014000/M111001 Philosophy of Mind: East and West (by Marc-Henri Deroche)
      • 2017000/M112001 Buddhism across Asian Civilizations (by Marc-Henri Deroche)
    • [At the Graduate School of Letters]
      • 1831007 Theories of Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism (by Marc-Henri Deroche)

    students practicing Sado
  2. Among Interdisciplinary classes (Hasshi), to be chosen according to individual projects, we especially recommend:
    • [At GSAIS/Shishukan]
      • Art
        • 4022000 Cultural Practice I, Chado: The way of tea (by Kurakazu Soukaku and Souchu Sekine)
        • 4023000 Cultural Practice II, Ikebana: The way of flower
        • 4024000 Cultural Practice III, Shodo: The way of calligraphy (by Shirou Nakamura)
        • etc.
    students practicing Ikebana


Special public events or lectures have included:

Regular Activities

The Research Group meets approximately:

  • Every week for classes
  • Every week for mindfulness practice
  • Every month for individualized research orientation
  • Every month for research presentations
  • Twice a year for cultural programs in Kyoto
  • Twice a year for special workshops with international collaborators
  • Once a year for a retreat

If you are interested to join some activities, including those that are online,
please contacts us, and we will send you a Zoom videoconference link.