Welcome to YAMAGUCHI Eiichi Laboratory !

For more than twenty years, until the late nineteen nineties, I studied pure physics, specifically the quantum-mechanical, electronic structures of next generation semiconductors. While living in France in the nineteen nineties I became aware of the occurrence of metamorphose in the innovation model taking place around the world, and realised that Japan was not adequately prepared to follow this global change. So upon my return to Japan, I decided to start investigating precisely which aspects of society were suppressing innovation in Japan. Then I founded venture start-ups based on state-of-the-art technology, and participated in the foundation of a new graduate school in which the students could solve the modern problems by using both natural and social sciences. Over the last decade, the delay in Japan regarding its innovation policies has become increasingly severe. Science-based industries have been declining dramatically. Now we require leaders who can focus on the reasons for this continuous decline and correct the course of Japan. It is essential to have leadership that can be resilient in the pursuit of sharpening the necessary disciplines and also in moulding innovation in science, business and technology into one harmonious and ultimately successful structure, in order to make Japan itself a leader in reshaping the frontiers of knowledge. I would like to establish a structure and environment in which "innovation sommeliers" can be created, who will be able to connect science and innovation properly, and design the future vision of Japan.

Kyoto University
1 Yoshida-Nakaadachi-cho, Sakyo-ku,
Email : yamaguchi.eiichi.5x@kyoto-u.ac.jp