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YAMAGUCHI Eiichi Laboratory (Graduate School of Kyoto University) belongs to The Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS), which was founded in 2014.


METI MOT program development 40.00 million JPYen
METI The first STEP 25.00 million JPYen
METI TEC MOT seminat 10.00 million JPYen
Powdec K.K. Research for new generation semiconductors 0.80 million JPYen
METI Research for R&D based venture entrepreneurs 5.00 million JPYen
PY 2005
METI The second STEP 8.00 million JPYen
METI TIM executive seminar 5.00 million JPYen
ArcZone K.K. Research for medical management 1.00 million JPYen
MEXT New market making for wide-gap semiconductors(3years) 50.75 million JPYen
NEOMAX K.K. Research for R&D human resource management 0.50 million JPYen
Toho Metal K.K. Research 0.81 million JPYen
Toho Metal K.K. Research 0.90 million JPYen
MEXT Research of innovation strategy for next generational semiconductors (3years) 4.42 million JPYen
YAMAGUCHI Eiichi Scholarship Research 8.40 million JPYen
ArcZone K.K. Research 1.50 million JPYen
Toho Metal K.K. Research 0.90 million JPYen
Sharp K.K. MOT seminar 6.90 million JPYen
MEXT Research of the essential structure of risk society, and analysis of the optimal policy(3years) 17.55 million JPYen
Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Lectures for Top Management 0.04 million JPYen
Sharp K.K. MOT seminar 7.10 million JPYen
  TBI 2010 seminar 8.00 million JPYen
MEXT Research of an innovation strategy for future industry creation (3years) 39.00 million JPYen
  TBI 2011 seminar 9.00 million JPYen
ArcZone K.K. Research 1.00 million JPYen
Evidence-based study of innovation strategy for start-up companies