Dear Students,

We will have our first meeting of the Research Group on Mindful Living (Formerly: Philosophy of Life).

Time: Apr 24, 2020 03:00 PM Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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Meeting ID: 995 5516 8671 Password: 8Deq0A

By “mindful living,” I mean philosophical living, a way of life that is thoughtful and careful. I wish to insist on the notion of “mindfulness” or “mindful awareness” (kanbun: 正念正知), as the seed of “wisdom” (智慧) to be developped in three steps (聞・思・修), at the crossroads of East and West, humanities and life sciences, philosophy and medicine, a “life-skill” essential for self-regulation and stress-management, readiness and resilience, quality of life (QoL), as well as for envisionning ethical, responsible and sustainable lifestyles in harmony with the environment and in consideration of future generations.

The main goal of this group will be to enhance student's research in this interdisciplinary field of mindfulness by providing a hub for their research presentations and reviewing their publications to be submitted to journals referenced in Scopus database.

Everybody is welcome to join & present.

With best wishes, Marc-Henri Deroche