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所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Economics and Management (Hasshi)
研究室 Laboratory of Prof. Takashi Kanamura, Global Commodity Issues Research Group

Laboratory of Prof. Michio Hashimoto, Natural Resource and Energy Policy Research Group

Financial Engineering, Science and Technology, Econometrics

Who I am?
I was born in Japan and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and got my bachelor’s in physics as an undergraduate. Afterwards I worked in education at a private university in Japan, did research at Shanghai International Studies University, and have also taught at Shanghai University and University of Monterrey in Mexico before coming to this graduate school.

Research Topic
I am conducting research to enhance the technical and economic evaluation of renewable energy and its risk management. Consequently, it will contribute to the promotion of ESG investment and the achievement of the SDGs. The second project, which focuses on time series analysis, analyzes the future forecast of price fluctuations of commodities such as precious metals. These studies will contribute to the search for clues to mitigate environmental problems through physics, financial engineering, and econometric approaches.

My academic studies have included physics, biology, educational technology, and financial engineering. Initially I thought I had taken many detours. Because of my curious nature, I was unable to narrow down my field of study to one. However, as I joined this graduate school, found that even though they were seemingly disparate academic disciplines, they could be combined to conduct coherent research that would allow me to connect the dots. One such issue is the environmental problem. This place of learning was the perfect location for me to approach environmental issues that are composed of complex factors from multiple academic fields.
If you are interested in broadening and enhancing your expertise without sticking to a single field, I encourage you to consider joining our graduate school.

Research Achievements
○Sakakibara K., Kanamura T.(2020) “Risk of temperature differences in geothermal wells and generation strategies of geothermal power”. Green Finance, 2(4): 424-436. doi: 10.3934/GF.2020023

Acquisition of competitive grants from external sources:
Academic research grant from K. Matsushita Foundation, 2021 (松下幸之助記念志財団 )
Academic research grant from Sompo Environment Foundation, 2021 (SOMPO環境財団)

Languages: License of 8 languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese), Japanese Language Education Qualification, Korean Language Education Qualification
Travels: Experience traveling to over 50 countries and working as an interpreter on a round-the-world cruise ship trip

Contact Me
Email: sakakibara.keiji.53n@st.kyoto-u.ac.jp
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/keiji-sakakibara