Graduate student referral


所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Development Economics, Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy
研究室 Professor Ialnazov, Professor Yamashiki

Research topic

I am currently conducting research in the area of energy policy, focusing in particular on solar electrification in rural Kenya. It is a multidisciplinary concept which topics such as economics, inequality, environment, and renewable energy. I first explore the different methods in which such electrification has taken place, before considering ideal solar electrification policies in rural Kenya to maximize rural socio-economic development.


Applying What I’ve Learned

When I think about how I am going to really incorporate what I learned from my academic experiences here, beyond the multidisciplinary knowledge, and beyond the skills I acquire conducting research in the area of renewable energy dissemination, I think about the practice of self-leadership, the importance of self-discipline. It is encouraged from the beginning of the program for students to grow and become leaders, but I’ve learned through practice and application in this program that before becoming outstanding, before becoming a leader, I need to learn to lead myself, and this kind of understanding is what will stay with me beyond my studying years. Such leadership would be an excellent complement to the academic, research, and analytical skills; and multidisciplinary knowledge that I acquire at the end of my studies.