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Graduate student referral

MACON LUCAS / 2019年入学生

所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Environmental Economics

Who I am
My name is Luke Macon. I am from the North Carolina, United States.

My bachelor’s degree is in environmental science with a minor in mathematics. My master’s degree is in energy management and energy engineering. I first studied economics as a research student when I spent 1.5 years in the Energy Economics Laboratory, Kyoto University School of Energy Science. My main focus in Shishukan is still economics. My ambition is to add to the whole of human knowledge in a way that eventually will improve humanity in some way, shape or form.

Research Topic
My research is most generally about the relationship between the environment and the economy. As a researcher I enjoy the freedom of movement through different disciplines, and this topic is broad enough to fulfill this tendency. I develop human behavior-related concepts and apply them to old problems, such as the environmental Kuznets curve, environmental policy cost-benefit and decarbonization. I regularly take inspiration from behavioral economics, political economy, psychology and “standard” neoclassical economics. There are times when my research has reached into environmental health, philosophy, and epistemology. I am also very interested in physics, engineering, political science and education.