Graduate student referral


所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Management
研究室 Eriko Kawai Lab

Who I am
My name is Dorozhkina Alina. I am from Ukraine, Crimea.

My first major was Comparative linguistics of Japanese and English, but I decided to try something new and chose a field of management. Besides, I am interested in psychology, anthropology, different cultures and language learning. Moreover, I am very concerned with the protection of surrounding, and I want to be able to make some positive impact on it, this is the reason why I am here, in GSAIS (Shishu-Kan).

Research Topic

My research is about training of the foreign personnel in the tourism industry of Japan, particularly the skills and knowledge needed for foreign workers to be efficient and confident doing their work. I am studying Japanese organizational culture, traditional culture, omotenashi, business language and other skills that are necessary for providing high quality of hospitality. My goal is to develop a learning material for foreign workers who pursue career in tourism industry in Japan and make things easier for them doing so as well as for their employers.