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Graduate student referral

CHEN SHIQI / 2019年入学生

所属 総合生存学館
専門 政治学
研究室 関山健研究室

Who I am
Hello, I am Chen Shiqi, from China. I graduated from APU in 2018, specialized in International Relations. What I learned from my past years is the fact that as members of human society, we are bound by our identities. The nationality, social status, religious belief and so many factors make up out identities and limit the way ours get to understand us. But anyway, let us get rid of all these limitations and try our best to be the one we want to be.
So once again, hi, I am Chen Shiqi, and I am happy to meet you guys, looking forward to talking directly with you.

Research Topic

At current moment, it’s about gender issues in Northeast Asia. I am trying to discern the inter-relationship between the society from the gender perspective and start to understand how the political circumstances impact the issue. This is again, related with identity issues. In a sense, I am searching for the ways help people to overcome the limitations due to gender identities.

My initial will of study comes from the desire of knowing the world and I believe this is the reason for all my efforts. I wish the future generations would see a better world through our practice.