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Graduate student referral

王 虹方 / 2018年入学生

所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Social welfare policy
研究室 Kaoru Sekiyama
備考 Research Topics:
Seeking good care system for elderly people

I majored in demography in college. After graduating from college, I studied in Japanese school for two years before I entered Shishukan.
The main reason why I chose Shishukan was that I thought it provide us with access to learn more about Japanese society through service learning A and B. I thought this is not only useful for my research but also meaningful for my abroad life experience in Japan. As far as I’m concerned, another merit of Shishukan is that it can help us to improve our English naturally due to the curriculum (there is no need to say Japanese). 
Welcome to Join us.

The universal two-child policy took effect in China at the start of 2016, in order to actively cope with fast-growing aging problems. It has been nearly four decades since China adopted one-child policy that brought about dramatic changes to the population structure and family structure. The first generation under birth control now has begun to enter aging stage. As the phenomenon of empty-nesters became common due to the increase of nuclear families and population mobility, the issue that how to support and take care of the elderly is gradually emerging. A long-term care system is needed in order to solve this problem and now China is exploring the suitable one.
Japan has become an aged society much earlier than China and now is the country with both the most serious aging pressure and mature countermeasure in the world. Therefore, I believe the study and research on the aging problems in Japan will become useful and valuable reference for China. 
So my research is about studying the long-term care system in Japan and making recommendations to develop Chinese long-term care system.