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Graduate student referral

柯 登 / 2018年入学生

所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Informatics

Who I am:

I am Ke Deng, come from China.

My hobbies are soccer and science fiction.

I choose GSAIS because it could give me more opportunity to communicate with other students majored in different fields. To deal with today’s complicate social problem, we should broaden our horizon and challenge some new things. Through the 5 years study in GSAIS, I would like to develop some skills of leadership, such as strategic thinking, while doing my own research.

Research Topic:

My research is about building a prediction model from elders’ daily life behaviors by using some machine learning method. Recently, aging population is one of the most serious global problem we need to deal with. Dementia, which is the most fatal disease for elders, still have no pharmacological cure. If we could assess the risk of dementia in early stage, some potential non-pharmacological interventions could be used to slow cognitive decline.