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Graduate student referral

李 善姫 / 2013年入学生

所属 総合生存学館
専門 有機化学


Shishu-Kan is a program for students who have dreams on a global scale. It is a multidisciplinary curriculum system associated with various internships. In the traditional way of thinking, science stands alone and does not necessarily need approaches from an artistic viewpoint. In Shishu-Kan, their boundary line is much vaguer and interdisciplinary discussion happens frequently. It is a place where science is supported by arts, and arts gain scientific power. We call it “Science with a soul, Arts with substance.”


My name is Li. I am from China. My current research is about organocatalysis, which is widely used in pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry. I aspire to make new drugs to improve human health, especially for chronic and epidemic diseases, and I want to approach it by combining herbal medicines with modern medicines, which has a potential to effectively amplify the interactions between drug elements and diminish side effects.