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Graduate student referral

岩嵜 唱子 / 2018年入学生

所属 Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
専門 Developmental psychology Cognitive development
研究室 Professor Kaoru Sekiyama
備考 Research Topics:
・Accosication between curiosity and cognitive function in young children
・Effects of muscial acitivity on executive function in Malawi children

I am quite interested in the childhood development. I had worked at the elementary school before I entered Shishukan. My speciality is developmental psychology and now I am studying neuroscience. Through the Shisyukan course, I become aware of the question “what is the survivability”. I study and research to find out my answer to this question in each day with my fellows.

My research question is “what intervention can improve or support the cognitive function development of infant or child who grew under difficult environment such as poor nutrition, lack of experience etc”. On this question, I plan to conduct intervention experiment in several countries.
Another research question is also based on these question “How do children make decision?” or “How do children choose their behavior?”. I strongly believe that I will find out the effective teaching methodology and policy through the research. In the near future, I will conduct intervention experiment in developing countries or emerging countries. I hope I will collaborate with other institution to make more effective support for those who need help. Education and supporting mother is one of the strong impact to change the world.