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International Symposium on
Energy Resources and Sustainability in Russia

Date and Time: 22nd October 2016 (Saturday) 12:30 – 17:30
Venue: Shishu-Kan Hall, Hihashi-Ichijo Building (B1F)
1 Nakaadachi-cho, Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8306, JAPAN
Capacity: 50 participants
Language: English
Organised by: The Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS)
The Slavic-Eurasian Research Centre, Hokkaido University (SRC),
The Japanese Society for Comparative Economic Studies
The Graduate School of Advanced Leadership Studies, Kyoto University (Shishu-Kan)



12:00-12:30 Registration
12:30-12:35 Opening Remarks

by Dimiter Savov Ialnazov (Kyoto University, Professor)

12:35-12:50 Briefings

by Dai Yamawaki (Kyoto University, Ph.D. Candidate)


Energy Resources in Russia: In a Domestic Context

13:00-14:30 Moderator:Dimiter Savov Ialnazov (Kyoto University, Professor)

Speaker:Jonathan Oldfield (University of Birmingham, Reader)

Russia’s Move towards Sustainability in Historical Perspective

Speaker:Kenji Shinohara (INPEX Corporation, Senior Analyst)

Rosneft – A Gigantic State Company in a Transition Period

Speaker:Dai Yamawaki (Kyoto University, Ph.D. Candidate)

‘Efficient use of energy resources and its hindrances in Russia’

Discussant:Dimiter Savov Ialnazov (Kyoto University, Professor)

14:30-14:45 Coffee Break

Energy Resources in Russia: In an International Context

14:45-16:15 Moderator:Victor Gorshkov (Kaichi International University, Associate Professor)

Speaker:Misako Takahashi (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director)

Changing Global Energy Landscape and Low-oil Price Environment

– Implications for Russia

Speaker:Shinichiro Tabata (Hokkaido University, Professor)

Economic Development of the Arctic Regions of Russia, Based on Oil and

Gas Production

Speaker:Anna Melkina (Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Graduate Student) and Daiki Nakaoka (Kyoto Sangyo Univeristy, Ph.D. student)

‘Energy Relations between China and Russia: A Focus on Belt and

Road Initiative’

Discussant:Victor Gorshkov (Kaichi International University, Associate Professor)

Amane Kobayashi (Keio University, Doctoral Programme)

16:15-16:30 Coffee Break

Energy Resources and Sustainability in Russia: Where is Russia headed?

16:30-17:20 Moderator:Dai Yamawaki (Kyoto University, Ph.D. Candidate)

Panelists:Jonathan Oldfield (University of Birmingham, Reader)

Kenji Shinohara (INPEX Corporation, Senior Analyst)

Misako Takahashi (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director)

Shinichiro Tabata (Hokkaido University, Professor)

Victor Gorshkov (Kaichi International University, Associate Professor)

17:20-17:30 Overall summary and closing remarks by Satoshi Mizobata (Kyoto University, Professor)
18:00- Networking Reception

Energy resources in Russia have a great impact on sustainability of its economic system domestically and on sustainability of our earth system internationally throughout energy trades and policy negotiations with other economies. Exploring their domestic and international aspects, this Symposium aims to provide more comprehensive understanding of energy resources in Russia. In this context, this Symposium is divided into three sessions as follows.
In the first session, we try to reveal energy resources in Russia, focusing on domestic affairs such as behavioural patterns of state-owned energy companies, historical and present situation relevant to energy and environmental resources in Russia. In the second session, our focus is put on energy resources in Russia in an international context, for instance, energy trades and policy negotiations in an international market. Finally, a roundtable ‘Energy Resources and Sustainability in Russia’ is organised with speakers to advance the topic and exchange our research results with a broad discussion. This Symposium also creates an opportunity to further raise the visibility of the potential ‘industry-academia-government’ cooperation on a broad spectrum of the thematic issues.
Registration fee is free of charge. For your registration, please visit the following link (https://goo.gl/forms/B5MCmxigFgaucJd52) to complete the online registration form. Please also indicate whether or not you would like to participate in our Networking Reception. (5000 JPY * Please pay at the reception on the day)
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For any questions and further information, please feel free to send an email to;
Dai Yamawaki (Mr.), Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University
Eri Tsuruha (Ms.), Master’s student, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Kyoto University