Liang Zhao/趙亮

Dr. Informatics, Assoc. Professor. I do research in Big Data, Network, AI, Artificial Wisdom (AW) and others.


Learn about what I do/研究について


Edu. & Career/学職歴

  • 1990/9-1995/7, Tsinghua U., BS (Appl. Math.), BE (CS);
  • 1997/4-1999/3, Kyoto U., ME (Appl. Math. & Phy.);
  • 1999/4-2002/3, Kyoto U., Dr. Informatics (Appl. Math. & Phy.);
  • ---
  • 2002/4-2006/3, Utsunomiya U., Asst. Prof. (Faculty of Eng.);
  • 2006/4-2014/3, Kyoto U., Senior Lecturer (Grad. Sch. Informatics);
  • 2014/4-now, current.


  • 2015.9 Kyodai Zaidan (JCDCGG'15)
  • 2013.4-2017.3 KAKENHI Kiban C
  • 2013.3-2014.2 Kyoto U. John-man Program (Prof. Wager's group, KIT)
  • 2011.4-2013.3 KAKENHI Wakate B
  • 2008.4-2010.3 KAKENHI Wakate B
  • 2007 TAF, oversea fund
  • 2003-2005 Int. Comm. R. Grant (ICF)
  • 2005-2006 IP security (KDDI labs.)
  • 2003-2006 IP information appliances (KDDI labs.)
  • 2003-2006 power line comm. (Ansible Japan)

Award etc/受賞等

  • 2017.9 Best Paper Honorable Mention of IFIP ICEC 2017
  • 2016.1 Best Paper of ORS 2016
  • 2010 Best Presen. 6th Netecosymp
  • Year 2003 Editor's Choice of DAM
  • 1999-2002 Honors Scholarship for International Students (MEXT)
  • 1997-99 IBM Asia Fellowship (IBM J.)

I like free software (see my personal site), travel, badminton, etc, with skills of system administration and programming


I welcome students from areas of Math., Computer science, Information processing.
Collabrotion with ex-supervisor in other graduate schools in Kyoto U. is possible.


2018/03/02 关于交流学生/合作研究者交流的募集:我也欢迎来自上述领域愿意和我一起合作做研究的交流学生或研究者,请先参看我当前项目,直接和我联系研究课题等详细情况。





Here are students who I am responsible for their research. Please notice that students can choose whatever topics they want to do and they can have an ex-supervisor outside GSAIS.

Shuntaro Noda

Multi-agent based simulation and its applications (with ex-supervisor: Prof. Kita).
2017/4: Left and started to work.

Quan Chen

Psycology (master of philosophy).
2018/4: Left and started to work.


  • Room 207, Higashi-Ichijo-Kan, Kyoto University.