Yugo TANAKA / Students enrolled in 2015

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
Specialization Energy Policy, Policy Science

How I Can Apply What I Learn at Shishu-Kan

I think we can understand the truth better when we grab it from various viewpoints through various approaches. It can be quite a fruitful experience to deepen the specific research at the same time to examine it not only from different scientific perspectives, but also from religious, cultural and practical standpoints, based on our intensive curriculum.

Research Topic

My research is about policy process of energy policy in Japan. Energy issue is quite complex because it connects with economical, environmental, and social aspects. Thus the policy process to tackle with the issue has to be quite complex, and includes expertise knowledge about issue and technology, economical and political disputes between promotion and regulation, and opinions of ordinary citizens. I’m trying to analyze the process, and to find better policy process which is best suitable for energy policy.