Sun Ye / Students enrolled in 2015

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability

Who I am

My name is Sun Ye. My current mayor is ecology and civil engineering, studying freshwater spring water habitats and their indicator taxa of benthic invertebrates. I used to study landscape ecology, conducting research on the ecological network to solve problems of habitat fragmentation for small mammals.

Examining global environmental issues needs cross-study analysis. The reason I chose GSAIS is because it encourages us to integrate knowledge and skills from mufti-filed.

Research Topic

The special characteristics of springs, the locations of springs among groundwater ecosystems, surface water and terrestrial ecosystems have led to a high value of biodiversity and contribution to ecosystem services.

However, very little research has focused on springs ecosystems or their dependent species. This lack of information and attention to springs ecosystems has resulted in the loss of many springs through poor groundwater and land use practices. Losing springs habitat constitutes a global environmental crisis.

My research is to propose a new spring habitat classification and compiling a list of spring indicator species of benthic invertebrates for spring and groundwater conservation work.