Ruja SON / Students enrolled in 2017

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability

How I Can Apply What I Learn at Shishu-Kan
I chose this graduate school because I strongly agreed with its educational policy. In Shishukan, in addition to write your research paper, you need to take classes from 7 fields other than your specialization. However, what this is different from the undergraduate level liberal arts is, that students don’t aim to get credit with minimum effort, but aim to apply the knowledges to their own study. Therefore, students from humanity and social science also study informatics and medicines very hard. And then, by living together, students from different fields can easily communicate with each other, and it will make the research more open.

Research Topic
In my research, I will use quantitative methods to compare and analyze the monetary policies of Czech, Poland and Hungary after the Euro crisis in 2010.