Nanao FUJIMURA / Students enrolled in 2014

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability

How I Can Apply What I Learn at Shishu-Kan

The Graduate School of Advanced Studies in Human Survivability gives you an opportunity to break through your weaknesses as well as strengthen your specialty. This is the reason that I have decided to come to Shishukan. As for daily life, students with different backgrounds live together, which enables us to discuss the matter from different perspectives. We also have special seminars (“Jukugi”) and various symposiums that give us opportunities to talk to people with profound experiences in the private sector and also international organizations. However, we are always expected to be eager and motivated to output what we have gained at Shishukan, as for the contribution to the society. So far, days here in Shishukan have been nothing but stimulating and inspiring.

Research Topic

My research aims at observing and seeking sustainable and harmonious ways of living in small islands area where people are highly dependent on tourism. I specifically look at Iriomote island (Okinawa prefecture) to find the universal method that can be applied to other small islands areas around the world, which are also confronting tourism developments.