Kouta FUTSUKI / Students enrolled in 2015

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability

How I Can Apply What I Learn at Shishu-Kan

I spend my Shishukan life finding a lot of things, such as interconnectedness of my major with other social factors, different perspectives of peers majoring by unfamiliar academic field for me. These are hiding as treasures. In order to acquire them, I have to do more than to wait to be informed, that is, to move independently or proactively is important. What I need to do is just like taking a step forward, jumping backflip, wearing glasses, digging the ground, being patient, so that I might happen to find the surprising. When I and the other bring one piece of each self and combine them, that might make a discovery. Then, I will feel relieved as if I raise my eyes to see the clear sky. Specifically saying, I exchange ideas and opinions with peers and professors in Shishukan, try to appreciate works of predecessors, accumulate more and more knowledge, understand various ways of thinking. I am making the effort in order to work on a world scale. Moreover, I will never forget to thank to those who have given me quite a large support, and I am sure to reward their support more than they had given me.


Research Topic

Thorough my research, I am aiming to make a new understanding about relationships between humanitarian aid and international politics. Aid is processed in a structure consist of who gives aid and who receives aid. There, aid could have an influence on the structure. From a viewpoint of ‘power’, I could interpret the aid structure as a political conception. So, I am researching on the political aspect of international humanitarian aid, based on a framework of international politics. At present, there are increasing humanitarian aid organizations working globally. They have gradually become an effective and vital way to save very people about to die. Because humanitarian principle is so sacrosanct that those power relationships behind the aid are sometimes overlooked. That may distort the reality and make problems less visible happening an area where the aid is being given. While I must not turn away such a tragedy, I must not, either, abandon the hope that there could be less people suffering. In order to realize my hope, I am exploring what it is for human beings to save others.