Gong Meijiazi / Students enrolled in 2016

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
Specialization Social Philosophy

How I Can Apply What I Learn at Shishu-Kan

The decisive factor made me choose Shishukan rather than other graduate school, is its openness to everything. With the three months spent here, I am able to hear the voice from outside my major field, and some of these voices are such helpful in allowing me to realize the ignorance in my current understanding. Further, with supports provided by the experienced professors from various backgrounds, I in hope of overcoming my ignorance partly and advancing my academia to an upper level.

Research Topic

Why every individual required to spend more than a decade in school for being educated? Why we keep having more social problems as more people are being educated? Why “knowledge” is not likely to be identified with “wisdom” any more? Is our current educational system the best design for 21st century? Why some countries considered to achieve a better educational outcome than others? After all, what is the purpose of education? And what is the purpose of life?
My research began with tons of question raised from my observation of the society and the accumulation from my undergraduate study in Sociology, and I found that to solve these questions solely by sociology is unworkable; therefore, I go to philosophy for further support. To utilize the theories from both sociology and philosophy to criticize the concept of “pertinent knowledge”, and to find out the way to bridge it to wisdom, is going to be topic for my research life in Shishukan. While the rest questions mentioned above, will leave to be answered during my life-long study.