Daikichi SEKI / Students enrolled in 2016

Department Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
Specialization Solar Physics
Lab/Supervisors Kwasan&Hida Observatories

How I Can Apply What I Learn at Shishu-Kan
I believe there are 3 main advantages in learning at Shishukan.

The first advantage is to  communicate with people of different academic background. The discussions among the colleagues of different majors not only give me new knowledges but also make me recognize where the position of my major is among the academic world.

Besides, we can have the most qualified lectures held by the professors of Kyoto University. The professors in Kyoto University including Shishukan are the world-class experts in the various academic fields, and we can learn sophisticated knowledge from them.

The last merit is to cultivate the communication skill. Shishukan students have many opportunities to talk with business people and bureaucrats. Every time of a conversation I can notice the necessary points for improving my communication skill to act as a global leader.

If you think these 3 advantages valuable, I believe this graduate school is one of the best graduate school in the world for you. As for me, I would like to be a “bridge” between researchers and users of their results through the education in Shishukan.


Research Topic
The Sun is an active star and often causes an eruption called a solar flare. This solar flare emit more or less plasmas and electromagnetic waves into the interplanetary space, and once in dozens of years a large amount of plasmas and electromagnetic waves are thought to be emitted by a tremendous flare, which will lead to such societal and economical effects on our lives as a satellite anomaly, a huge blackout, and astronomers’ and flight crews’ exposure to radiation.This situation drives many countries, especially the U.S. for their many satellites, to act on lessening the solar effect.

One of the acts is to predict the solar activity. These days solar physicists all over the world have been trying to predict solar activities, and as a young solar physicist, I am trying to make the triggering mechanism of a solar flare clear by statistical and physical approach and to create a new flare prediction method by utilizing the ground-based telescopes’ data.


My work about the precursor of a solar eruptive phenomenon has been accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, which is the top journal among the astronomy area.


Personal Sites


Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope, Hida Observatory, Kyoto University (Aug. 2016)



@United Nations / United States of America Workshop on the ISWI (Aug. 2017)