Student Activity: Internship at The Scripps Research Institute

As the overseas fieldwork(Mushashugyo), the 4th grade students go to internship at international institutions for about 8 months.

Name: Keitou Shu
Speciality / Major: Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability / Chemical Biology
Organisation: The Scripps Research Institute, Florida
Country: United States
Period: April/2017 – Feb/2018
I had the amazing opportunity to work as an intern at one of the United States largest and most renowned research institutes, The Scripps Research Institute. I had been working in one lab in the Department Chemistry on the Florida Campus. Scripps research focuses on many aspects of Biomedical Sciences producing high-impact journal publications as well as advancing medical therapies and cures. My current project in the lab focused on developing a strategy for the discovery of a novel anti-cancer drug joining previous methodologies with novel DNA-encoding technology. After completing a half year of the internship, GSAIS and my boss in Scripps encouraged me to present my research at the International Conference. Fortunately, my poster was selected for the First Position Oral Presentation.
This internship was a great learning experience for me and has taught me many things. Among those what I want to emphasize most is that I had learned a lot about myself including my strengths and weaknesses. The United States is very diverse with so many different races, cultures and backgrounds. These diversities enable an exchange of ideas that allows the ability to learn things that cannot be taught in the classroom and would not have been able to experience in my University in Japan. My experience at Scripps has given me the opportunity decide what my future career path might take me. I would like to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to experience this amazing internship.
Yours sincerely,
Keitou Shu

▲in the lab


▲Presentation at the international conference for the First Position Oral Presentation

▲fishing trip with my colleague

▲the river near my house

▲Miami city