Student Activity: Internship at Creativ-Cetucial

As the overseas fieldwork(Mushashugyo), the 4th grade students go to internship at international institutions for about 8 months.

Name: Yuki OKU
Speciality / Major: Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability / Molecular Biology
Organisation: Creativ-Cetucial
Country: France
Period: May/2017 – Feb/2018
From the middle of May, I have been working on a consulting firm called Creativ-Ceutical in Paris as a Specially Appointed Researcher. This company offers health economics, outcome research, market access consulting services to mainly pharmaceutical companies. Currently, I am involved in the two following projects: 1 Adaptation of a cost-minimization model of a certain drug to Brazil setting, 2 Extraction of health economic and epidemiological information on Influenza.
My original speciality is molecular biology and my ongoing research is to search for new drugs to cure abnormal redox state in cells. However, I am also interested in more applicable methodology for society and wanted to know the concept of cost-effectiveness of drugs etc. from a practical point of view. By making use of this 4th year opportunity, I decided to join as an internship student this company which comprehensively grasps these concepts and the system of insurance reimbursement. As I was engaged in laboratory work so far, it is a little hard for me to work on a company with different expertise, but I am learning new ways of thinking and methods with a lot of fun. By learning a field near to society like this, I would like to seize the whole picture of ‘Life Science’ and then develop new research design contributing to society.
Yours sincerely,
Yuki OKU


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