Student Activity: Internship at IEA

As the overseas fieldwork(Mushashugyo), the 4th grade students go to internship at international institutions for about 8 months.

Name: Kazuki HAO
Speciality / Major: Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability / Environmental Economics
Organisation: International Energy Agency
Country: France
Period: April 1 – September 30, 2017
Current Work: Analyst (Intern)
I started the internship at the IEA, International Energy Agency, in the very beginning of this April. The IEA is an international organisation founded in 1974 under the OECD, responding to the oil crisis that happened just one year before. The headquarter is in Paris, France, where I am working right now. My current work is composed of two pillars. The first one is to analyse policies and write chapters in Southeast Asia Energy Outlook, utilising my speciality in the South-east Asian region. This work makes me possible to compare the perspectives of the reports by the international agency with those of the research in the University. Secondly, I am contributing to the work to enhance the relations between the IEA and non-member countries. The world today observes a rapid economic growth in emerging economies, especially in Asia, with followed by their increasing importance in the energy security and environmental issues. It is quite essential for the IEA to maintain strong ties with these countries. During this work, I experience the role of the international agency with the global scale, which I could never experience in the study in the University.
“Overseas Fieldwork” is an essential programme with a unique value in Shishu-Kan’s curriculum. It is not only an experience of the work in organisations or companies overseas but an opportunity to consider how you place your speciality within the global society. Because of this orientation, you might have a lot of daily struggles; however, because of this, you would acquire a great chance towards a bright future.
Finally, I would like to thank all those who kindly helped me in executing this Overseas Fieldwork. Meanwhile, since now I am on the way, I will do my best just until the end.
Yours sincerely,
Kazuki HAO
4th-grade student, Shishu-Kan

▲In the office

▲Maison Internationale in Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

▲At a summer party of the OECD