Students activity: research in Rwanda and Kenya

     ▲Students in Rwanda (at the time of Interview)
     ▼Explanation of photos from the left on the top,
      At the Uhuru park, statue of elephant, main campus of University of Nairobi,
      Classroom in Rwanda (at the time of administering questionnaire) and Kenyan food.

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From September 2016 to November 2016, I have been to Rwanda and Kenya for research purposes. This was the third time for me to visit Rwanda and first time to Kenya. For the research in Kenya, it was a part of Global Leadership Training Program in Africa held by United Nations University. Since my area of study is education, I visited several secondary schools in Rwanda and Nairobi, Kenya to collect some data. During my stay in Kenya, I was affiliated with University of Nairobi and I have been carrying out research with some help from professors. In addition, I stayed in a dormitory on campus with students from foreign countries and it helped me learn a lot of things about Kenya and neighbor countries, especially about different varieties of unique food and ways of greeting. I also visited JICA office, Japanese Embassy and a few educational NGOs and eventually had chances to deepen understanding on education in Kenya and careers. It is quite cold in Japan compared to Rwanda and Kenya where I used to wear only T-shirt, but I hope I can endure this coldness and try my best.
3rd Tomoharu Takahashi